Construction Accident Attorneys NY.

Construction Accident Attorneys NY

It is known that construction is one of the highest risk jobs in the world. A worker is exposed to many dangers on a daily basis, so the world of construction is a very complicated terrain and not everyone is able to be there. In the last years, the immense number of the occupational injuries registered in New York have included many fatal losses.  The best recommendation is to have an expert construction accident attorneys in NY to handles your case.  Only a specialized lawyer will have the experience and tools necessary for a worker injured by a construction accident to receive adequate compensation.

If you suffered an accident or know someone who suffered it, call 212-268-3222 today for a free evaluation of your case by some of the best construction accident attorneys in NY.  So you will know what you are facing and what your options are. This free consultation courtesy of one of the best construction accident attorneys in NY: Raphaelson & Levine.  They have recovered millions of dollars in construction accident cases in New York.

Compensation laws in case of a construction accident in New York do not exclude workers.  Even if they are undocumented.  So if a construction worker suffers an accident and can prove that the fault was of a third party, compensation could reach up to $ 8 million.  As it did in a case of a building that collapsed in Bronx.  Even in the case of a fatal injury, the worker’s family filled the claim to receive compensation.  All this is only possible with the help of the best construction accident attorneys in New York. Because it is important to prove the circumstances of the accident in order to present an informed case. 

Obtain maximum compensation under the guidance of Raphaelson & Levine, who have struggled for years to protect construction workers and their families.  They are victims of more than 400,000 injuries a year.  The importance of expert construction accident attornrys in NY is enormous. If you decide to go to a lawyer with less experience, your case may not proceed.  Many workers are scammed so that the contractor does not pay you for your injuries and damages. 

Do not worry about your budget or your immigration status.  Raphaelson & Levine will offer you free consultations, no matter where in NY you are, just come in to the nearest office or call.  Their desire to protect construction workers who are exposed to so many risks has made them one of the best construction accident lawyers in New York.

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